What is Muddy Bugs?

Forest School develops skills which cannot be taught or learnt in a classroom, it is a unique and individual experience for each child.

Running on Monday mornings
during Surrey term time.

Woodland stay and play sessions are for children from birth to age 5.

With a strong focus on process over product Muddy Bugs Forest School offers endless learning opportunities; it is a place to touch, to smell, to feel, to see, to listen, to explore. It is a place to feel a range of emotions, to be part of a community, to form friendships and to be free to interact with their world however they deem it necessary. At Muddy Bugs Forest School, we support children and help them understand how to take appropriate risks, and trust that their natural curiosity will lead to countless opportunities.

Within a physically and emotionally safe environment, a child can begin to hear and interact with that “still, small voice” inside each of us.

While the play is unstructured, Forest School leaders facilitate interaction between children, and between a child and the natural environment. We help children develop resilience and internal motivation.

Muddy Bugs Forest School is a beautiful opportunity for children to connect with the natural world. It is a chance for them to develop and learn in an environment that is not limited by the physical boundaries of a traditional educational setting. The ethos of Forest School is based on the natural desire and instinctual need that children have to be curious about the world that they live in. At Muddy Bugs we facilitate the right and the need that children have, to be outdoors, to play and to lead their own learning.