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Bookings for Muddy Bugs Forest School are taken as a half-termly block booking.

Our Monday morning sessions run from 9.30-11.30am and are for children from birth to age 5. We are taking a maximum of 15 adults (not inc leaders) per session to maintain social distancing. The sessions will be child-led with access to den building, nature hunts, bark rubbing, mud kitchen, slack-line, outdoor games, campfire cooking and lots of exploring.

Parents – there is a river that is approximately 30m north of the site. If you wish to bring more than one child who is crawling/walking, you need to be sure that you can cope with both children if they go in opposite directions. You will know how safe you feel with both children there. We will have our forest school area clearly marked (away from the river), and the children will be in high-viz tabards, but the supervision of the children is down to parental responsibility.

Each session includes a snack for children and a hot drink for parents. If it is not suitable for a campfire, then an alternative snack will be provided. Please bring a mug and water bottle for you and your child/ren.

If your child has a food allergy/intolerance please make this clear on the booking form.

We’ve changed the way that tickets are purchased, to make it more streamlined. Each adult now purchases a ticket for up to two children aged 0-5. So there is no extra charge for siblings.

If you are bringing one or two babies aged 0-12m they are half price. If your child (or both children) are aged under 1 year old by the final session please use the discount code MBFSBABY

Please note that because we operate on a half-termly basis the cost may vary slightly between blocks. The session price stays the same whether there are four weeks (£48) or six weeks (£72) in a block.

Maximum 2 children per adult booking.

Click here to book for our September – October sessions

Coming soon AUGUST HOLIDAY sessions