What is Forest School?

Forest School is an opportunity for children to spend their time outside, learn new skills, build confidence, develop self-esteem and achieve their goals.

It is an approach which enables everyone involved to immerse themselves fully in our beautiful woodland environment all year round. It is a philosophy of child-led learning, with a focus on all the senses. Activities vary from day-to-day, however children could find themselves include singing around the fire, learning to use and make tools, build dens, dig in the mud, identify bugs with magnifying glasses, climb trees, tell stories and appreciate our beautiful surroundings. Children respond really well to the outdoors and as a direct result become more competent physically and play more imaginatively.

At forest school, children learn to think, question and justify what they think. They develop self-esteem and the ability to assess risk and make their own decisions.

Reception and Year 1 teachers say the main thing children need is resilience, and bringing them to the forest teaches them resilience. We should be making schools ready for children rather than make children ready for schools.