Government guidelines and advice on this matter has changed, the latest Government advice can be found here:

Muddy Bugs Forest School’s Covid-19 Policy:


We think at this time of stress and uncertainty that it is more important than ever that children get some time to play outdoors. We are fortunate that our working environment outdoors is intrinsically safer than any other social setting, but we have developed additional procedures to help keep you, your children and our staff safe. These procedures are informed by the current understanding of the virus and government guidelines for educational settings.

By booking with us you explicitly agree to the following terms, conditions and procedures, together with our general terms and conditions, and we will expect you to abide strictly by them, so please take a moment to read and understand them.

The following may be subject to change if the official advice on the novel coronavirus changes, so it is worth revisiting this page just before your child/ren is/are due to attend.

The infection control procedures required by government guidelines are:

If you have coronavirus symptoms, or you have someone in your household who does, do not attend childcare settings, schools or colleges.
Cleaning hands more often than usual – wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with running water and soap and dry them thoroughly or use alcohol hand rub or sanitiser, ensuring that all parts of the hands are covered.
Ensuring good respiratory hygiene – promote the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.
Cleaning frequently touched surfaces often using standard products, such as detergents and bleach.
Minimising contact and mixing by altering, as much as possible, the environment.

The following procedures have been designed to follow the above guidelines in relation to the outdoor environment. You can see the UK Government’s full guide to implementing protective measures in education settings here.


Attendance on the day is subject to your child/ren being virus-free, as far as it is practicable to be sure. To this end you must NOT bring your child/ren if they:
– show any symptoms of COVID-19 on the day.
– show any symptoms within 7 days prior to attending.
– are living with an individual who has shown symptoms within 10 days before the date of their attendance (they and you should be self-isolating as per government guidelines).
– children who turn up with a cough – or who are accompanied by an adult or sibling with a cough – or who are otherwise obviously unwell will not be accepted by the leader. The leader’s decision on this matter is final, and we will not engage in any discussion on the matter. 

Please be responsible when making a decision about bringing your child/ren – bringing a child/ren who is/are mildly ill, even if you are sure they are well enough to attend, could threaten the health of other children, and of our staff. Our staff are required to self-isolate at the first sign of any symptoms, so if you send a poorly child – even if you are convinced that they do not have COVID-19 – you risk us having to cancel all future sessions for this season because our staff will be unable to work.

As long as you tell us before 8 am on the morning of your session, and provide us with evidence of a PCR test, we will offer a credit note or transfer to another date.

 Additional kit on the day
Hand washing
We provide hand sanitiser to use before and after activities.  A hand washing station with soap and water will also be used before snack time.

Disposable tissues
We comply with the government’s “catch it, bin it, kill it” advice. All children attending must have a packet of disposable tissues so they can catch and bin their coughs and sneezes. 

On the day
Avoid public transport or lift sharing if possible. If you must, please follow the government guidelines on safe travelling.

Group size
The UK government’s rule for educational groups meeting outdoors is set to a limit of 15 adults, children under school age are not counted in this total. We allow a maximum of two children per adult in order to a) limit the group size b) ensure that you can supervise them appropriately. Adults will be reminded to adhere to social distancing guidelines. This guidance will be updated in accordance with the government’s recommendations. 

If this is your first visit to Muddy Bugs Forest School, please ensure that you have fully completed the consent and medical forms via the booking page to attending the session – this protects you from having to use a pen that has been touched by others.

Hygiene procedures
The current science on the transmission on the novel coronavirus indicates that:
– transmission is greatly reduced outside
– children are at less risk than adults of transmitting the disease and of developing serious symptoms

…which is reassuring. However, we have introduced some additional hygiene procedures into our sessions, to provide extra security against transmission:
– any games which involve hand holding or prolonged physical contact will be adapted to avoid these
– everyone will be required to use hand sanitiser before snack breaks and activities using tools
– there are toileting facilities during the session, but we would like to limit the use of these due to the risks of contamination and additional time for clearning. A dry space for changing babies is available, and we will provide wipes for you to disinfect surfaces and touch points afterwards.

It is clearly impossible to maintain a 2m distance in woods and rough terrain at every second of the session with children.  However, any games or activities that involve touching or holding hands will be adapted to avoid physical contact as much as possible, and children will be spaced out while engaged in social actions (such as eating or crafting) to maximise the distance between them.

The greeting time/safety rules will be set up so that there is adequate space between each child and between children and adults. 

Routes to and from camp will be planned to avoid as far as possible any narrow paths or pinch points.

Static social activities, where children are sitting together will be arranged to maintain at least a 1m distance between seated or standing children and adults as far as is practicable.

We provide disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser at each tool station so that contamination is reduced when handling any equipment.

After the day
If your child or any member of their family group develops symptoms of COVID-19 within 2 weeks of their visit to us please email us at

It is a good idea to launder clothes after a session in which you have been in contact with anyone who is not from your immediate household, as there is some evidence the virus can linger on fabrics.